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About Us

Welcome to AR Engineering.

My name is Akram and in 2019 while I was completing my masters when it dawned upon me. I had spent years in academia yet I had little first hand experience with the many complex engineering systems that I had to study, I started AR Engineering to help change that. 

We are a team of new age engineers focused on advancing the needle when it comes to deploying MR, XR and other “Realities” for the purpose of improving the user experience and bringing them closer to experiencing the physical realm from a remote setting. 


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Our Key differentiators

What seperates us from the pack

Our Mission

Since our foundation in 2019, our mission has been to provide an exceptional learning experience that will significantly impact the lives of the workforce.

This can be achieved by empowering businesses and institutions by prividigng the tools and infrastructure to deploy, communicate, train and assess remotely using readily available and accessible hardware.

AREngineering has made it our priority to offer standardized and reliable high performance Augmented Reality experiences and solutions in all countries that we can serve. Using state of the art platform for XR has never been easier!


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